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  • Product Description

    Powder resin covered filter and pre-filter are generally used in power plant condensate treatment system, the filter is installed inside the filter element, the surface of the filter element can be paved with fiber powder and yin and yang resin powder to achieve the purpose of filtration and salt removal, when the pressure difference between the import and export of the filter or the conductivity or silicon of the filter water reaches the set value, the filter is in a failure state, the filter will be burst film and backwash, and then paved again after Put into operation.

    Condensate filter element lefilter
    Applications Pharmaceutical industry, food industry, electronic industry, petroleum and chemical industry, etc
    Filtration media water suspension, particulate matter, water dirt, bacteria and algae, rust, etc
  • Working Principle

    A certain number of filter elements are installed inside the filter. Water enters from the outside of each element and flows out through a porous tube in the centre of the element, with impurities being trapped on the surface of the element. There are two main forms of filter elements, winding filter elements when the membrane is laid and folding filter elements when the membrane is not laid. The folded filter element has a precision of 10μm at start-up and a precision of 2μm or 5μm during normal operation.

    Condensate filter element working principle lefilter

    Different sizes of condensate filter elements

    Different sizes of Condensate filter element
  • Product Advantages

    • Condensate filter element Advantage

      Large filtration area,High precision, large filtration area, large flux, small equipment diameter, and small footprint


      High filtration precision:

      Over 90% retention rate relative to filtration accuracy,Wide range of filtration precision to meet various application requirements,Good dirt retention,Long service life

    • Condensate filter element Advantage

      With internal thread construction,Enhanced pressure resistance

      Flow rate

      Internal thread construction for enhanced pressure resistance:

      Wide chemical compatibility, high flow capacity and low differential pressure,Washable and regenerable, economical and Sterilisation by chemical methods, in-line steam.

    • Condensate filter element Advantage

      Using polypropylene composite filter membrane


      Material used:

      Winding material: PP polypropylene fiber/skimmed cotton
      Skeleton: SS304
      Filter element form: folding type

    • Condensate filter element Advantage

      Sparse outside, dense inside, honeycomb structure



      Sparse outside and dense inside, honeycomb structure, Large dirt-holding capacity

  • Technical parameters

    Name: condensate filter element Filter material: polypropylene fiber; skimmed cotton thread; glass fiber thread.

    Filter element outer diameter: Φ50 ,Φ 60mm Inner diameter of cartridge: Φ25,Φ28mm

    Cartridge length: 70"/1778mm,60"/1524mm Central skeleton: stainless steel 304 / 316

    Filtration precision: Maximum operating temperature: 85℃ Connection method: thread

    Design flow rate: 2.9m3/h-3.2m3/h Top structure: M6, M8, M10 thread

    Bottom structure: connection thread M33×1.5, M33×2, G1, 1 3/16〃-24 BSW connection

    Can be customized according to different working conditions

  • Product Details

    • Condensate filter element Details Condensate filter element Details Condensate filter element Details Condensate filter element Details Condensate filter element Details
  • Customer Cases

    • Circulating water treatment site of a coal chemical enterprise
      Circulating water treatment site of a coal chemical enterprise in Shanxi

      Use: Cartridge filter elementFlow rate: 20t/h

    • an environmental company use site
      Shandong an environmental company use site

      Use: Circulating water treatmentFlow rate: 20t/h

    • a water treatment company after use
      Henan a water treatment company after use

      Use: Cartridge filter circulating water treatmentFlow rate: 200m3/h

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