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  • Product Description

    Reverse osmosis membranes are artificial semi-permeable membranes with certain characteristics that mimic biological semi-permeable membranes and are the core building blocks of reverse osmosis technology. The principle of reverse osmosis technology is that other substances cannot pass through a semi-permeable membrane under the effect of an osmotic pressure higher than that of the solution, and these substances and water are left behind.

    Applications Mainly used in reverse osmosis pre-treatment, drinking water treatment, water reuse, etc.
    Filtration media Suspended matter, colloids, proteins and microorganisms and other molecular substances in solution.
  • Working Principle

    Reverse osmosis is the process of applying a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure of the solution on the concentrated solution side, forcing the water molecules to pass through the semi-permeable membrane into the dilute solution in the reverse direction (opposite to the natural direction of osmosis), as in the reverse osmosis process, the water molecules on the concentrated solution side flow through the semi-permeable membrane into the dilute solution, while the vast majority of the solutes (dissolved solids) cannot pass through the membrane and are retained. Therefore, the concentrated solution is further concentrated, or dehydrated, and the dilute solution is diluted and purified, or desalinated.

  • Product Advantages

    • Membrane element,Filtration accuracy up to 0.0001 micron, filtered by RO membrane, strongly filtered out bacteria impurities, heavy metals and other harmful substances.



      Original import, first class agent

    • Reverse osmosis membrane has good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple operation, etc., widely used in wastewater reuse and material concentration and other fields.


      Good stability:

      High mechanical strength and longevity, able to function at low operating pressures.

    • Less influenced by factors such as pH and temperature and able to function at low operating pressures.

      High precision

      Filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns:

      Reverse osmosis membranes are the finest membrane separation products, retaining all dissolved salts and organic matter with a molecular weight greater than 100, while allowing water molecules to pass through.

    • High throughput, contamination resistance, easy cleaning and precise definition to meet the needs of all industries.


      Ease of use of the equipment:

      Modular design, easy to install, reduces water and effluent usage costs, can be integrated with existing membrane filtration systems or ion exchange systems to achieve up to 80% rinse water circulation.

  • Technical parameters

    US original imported Dow RO membrane Failure rate: ≤0.003%

    Preservation method: dry film (no chemical protection liquid required) Warranty Period: 1 year

    Effectively remove bacteria, chemical pesticide residues, heavy metal ions, radioactive particles, residual chlorine, microorganisms, organic matter and other harmful substances from water Desalination rate (filtration effect): ≥98%

    Can be customized according to different working conditions

    HYDRANAUTICS Membranes imported from the USA
    A composite polyamide reverse osmosis membrane with high desalination rate and high water permeability, suitable for industrial water treatment such as ultra-pure water for the electronics industry and boiler make-up water for power plants

    Original Toray membrane imported from Japan
    Suitable for the desalination and deep treatment of brackish water, surface water and tap water with a salt content of approximately 2000 ppm or less. It has a very low operating pressure and a high water yield, which results in significant savings in system operating costs.

  • Product details

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  • Customer Cases

    • Brackish water membrane element for a steel power plant

      Application: for group internal domestic water supplyDesalination rate: stable at 98.5%

    • Reverse osmosis membrane element for a water plant in Inner Mongolia

      Process: Self-cleaning filtration + ultrafiltration + reverse osmosisPerformance: Stable water production

    • Reverse osmosis membrane element for a dairy industry in Shanghai

      Use: Duplex filter circulating water treatmentDiameter: DN100

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