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  • Product Description

    High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) also known as high-efficiency particulate absorbing and high-efficiency particulate arrestance, is an efficiency standard of air filter.
    Filtration Efficiency is up to 99.995% for the particle greater than 0.3μm.

    lefilter prod_HEPA
    Applications Cement, Food, Plastic, Sandblasting, Powder Coating,Pharmaceutical,ect
  • Construction

    Frame material: galvanized steel , stainless steel, aluminum, plastic;

    Filter Medial: Fine fiber glass

    Separator material:Aluminum / Filter paper;

    Pleat HEPA filter: classic high efficiency filters, efficiency specifications: 99.99% (sodium flame method);

    No Pleat HEPA filter: clean room terminal HEPA filter,efficiency specifications: 99.95%, 99.995%, 99.9995% (MPPS).

    lefilter HEPA_cstrtion
  • Characteristic

    It is light and with large filtration surface;

    High efficiency: H10-H14;

    Low resistance;

    Large dust holding capacity;

    Could remove the particle of dust, pollen, mold and other irritants.

  • Common specifications

    610x610x150 305x610x150 915x610x150 1219x610x150
    610x610x292 305x610x292 915x610x292 1219x610x292
    320x320x220 484x484x220 726x848x220 968x484x220
    630x630x220 315x630x220 945x630x220 1260x630x220
    305x305x70 305x610x70 610x610x70 762x610x70
    915x610x70 1219x610x70
    305x305x90 305x610x90 610x610x90 762x610x90
    915x610x90 1219x610x90
  • Application


    LCD manufacturing;

    Health care industry;


    Precision instrument;

    Chemical industry;

    Working temperature should lower than 70℃;

  • Product Display

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    • Ship

    • lefilter HEPA lefilter HEPA lefilter HEPA lefilter HEPA lefilter HEPA
    • lefilter HEPA lefilter HEPA lefilter HEPA lefilter HEPA lefilter HEPA
  • Customer Cases

    • Air filter for Muyuan farm
      Air filter for Muyuan farm

      Application: air filtrationFeatures: good sealing performance

    • Filter for a pharmaceutical factory
      Filter for a pharmaceutical factory in Henan

      Application: air filtrationFeatures: No leakage

    • Filter for central air conditioner
      Filter for central air conditioner in an office

      Application: air filtrationFeatures: high filtration efficiency

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