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  • Product Description

    Equivalent HYDAC filter element is an indispensable part of the pipeline series for conveying the medium. The filter element is usually installed in the inlet filter of the hydraulic system to filter out metal particles, polluting impurities, etc. in the fluid medium, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment. After entering the filter, the impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate is discharged from the filter outlet. When cleaning is required, just take the filter element out of the filter, treat it with industrial liquid and put it in. HYDAC replaces the performance parameters of the filter element Reaching the level of similar foreign filter elements, it can completely replace the HYDAC filter element.

    Applications metallurgy&steel,thermal power and nuclear power,electronics industry,Oil & Gas, petrochemical and railway internal combustion engine filtration,etc
  • Technical parameters

    Filter material: glass fiber (import hv or domestic),paper Micron:1-100μm

    O-ring: silicone,NBR,Viton Working temperature:-30℃~+100℃

    Working temperature:-30℃~+100℃

    Filtration medium:hydraulic oil,lubricating oil,phosphate hydraulic oil,emulsion,water glycol,ect

    Application:metallurgy&steel,thermal power and nuclear power,electronics industry,Oil & Gas, petrochemical and railway internal combustion engine filtration,etc

    model example
    1 0060R*BN/HC 2 0165R*BN/HC 3 0080MA*BN3HC
    4 0180MA*BN3HC 5 0080MG*BN4HC 6 0240R*BN/HC
    7 0085MA*BN/HC 8 0330R*BN4HC 9 0090MA*BN3HC
    10 0480R*BN/HC 11 0095DMA*BN4HC 12 0500R*BN3HC
    13 0100S*BN/HC 14 0660R*BN4HC 15 0110R*W/HC
    16 0850R*BN/HC 17 0160MA*BN/HC 18 0950R*BN3HC
    19 0160MG*BN/HC 20 1300R*BN4HC 21 0160R*V/HC
    22 2600R*BN4HC 23 0030D*BN/HC 24 0160D*BN3HC
    25 0035D*BN3HC 26 0160DN*BN3HC 27 0040D*BN3HC
    28 0240D*W/HC 29 0055D*BN3HC 30 0250DN*BN3HC
    31 0060D*BN3HC 32 0280D*BN/HC 33 0060D*BN3HC
    34 HC9604*8H 35 HC8300*16Z 36 HC8300*16Z
    37 0330D*BH4HC 38 0063DN*BN3HC 39 0400DN*BN3HC
    40 0075D*BN3HC 41 0500D*V3HC 42 0095D*BN3HC
    43 0630DN*BN3HC 44 0100DN*BN3HC 45. 0660D*BN4HC
    46 0140D*BN3HC 47 0990D*BN3HC /
    Notes:* means filter accuracy 001、003、006、012、025μm,etc

    Recommend the Popular Hydac element

    0280D005BN4HC 0030 D 050 W 0660D010BH4HC 1300R010ON/-V-KB
    0280D020BH4HC 0240D010BN4HC 0160DN006BN4HC 2600 R 010 BN4HC/-B4-KE50
    0260 R 010 ON 1300R050W/HC 0950R005BN4HC 1300R010BN4HC/-V-KE50
    0330 R 003BN4HC 1300 R 010 BN3HC 0165R010BN4HC 2600R 025 W/HC
    0100 RN 010 BN4HC 1300R025W 0630 RN 010 BN4HC 2600R020BN4HC
    0180MA010BN N5DM005 N15DM010 0160MA010BN
    0330 D 010 ON 2.050 D 10 BN4 0850R 025W/HC 2700 R 005 ON/PO -KB
  • Product Details

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  • Customer Cases

    • Hydac filter element filtration site

      function:oil filtratiioncharacteristic:high filtering effect

    • pressure pipeline filtration site

      function:hydraulic oil filtrationrate of flow:200t/h

    • machining filtration site

      function: oil filtratiionrate of flow:100t/h

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