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  • Product Description

    Replacement Hilco filter element is made of high-quality glass fiber material, which is widely used in hydraulic system to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the medium, reduce the relative surface friction of hydraulic components, improve the reliability of the system, and ensure the safety of hydraulic system and lubrication system. Safe and efficient operation.

    Replacement Hilco filter element Lefilter
  • Technical parameters

    Filter material: glass fiber , wire mesh Micron:1-100μm

    O-ring: silicone,NBR,Viton Working temperature:-30℃~+100℃

    Operating pressure:21bar-210bar

    Filtration medium:hydraulic oil,lubricating oil,water glycol,ect

    Application:Marine/Shipping, Mid Stream Gas, Mining, Natural Gas Pipeline Transmission, Oil & Gas,Power Generation,Pulp & Paper,Refinery,Steel Industry

    Popular Model of Hilco filter

    PL 718-03-CN PL718-12-CN
    PH739-40-CG PH528-05-CG1
    PL718-05-CHT PL718-05-GE
    PH739-03-CG PL718-10-CN
    HP311-12-GE PH718-12-CN
    PS720-010-CG PS739-010-CG
    PL511-10-C PL310-10
  • Product Details

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    • Hilco Filter lefilter Hilco Filter Cartridge lefilter Hilco Filter Element lefilter OEM Hilco Filter lefilter Replace Hilco Filter lefilter
    • Replace Hilco Filter Ship lefilter Replace Hilco Filter Ship lefilter Replace Hilco Filter Ship lefilter Replace Hilco Filter Ship lefilter Replace Hilco Filter Ship lefilter
  • Customer Cases

    • filtration site
      filtration site

      function:oil filtratiioncharacteristic:high filtering effect

    • pressure pipeline filtration site
      pressure pipeline filtration site

      function:hydraulic oil filtrationrate of flow:200t/h

    • machining filtration site
      machining filtration site

      function: oil filtratiion
      rate of flow:100t/h

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