• Product Description

    LEFILTER has passed ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 international quality management system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification. The main products include air filters, air conditioner filters, oil filters, and fuel filters. It is widely used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and various types of construction machinery.

    Engine Filters Lefilter
  • Oil Filter

    Oil Filter Lefilter

    Advantage: Higher performance, lower fuel consumption.

    In order to meet the efficient operation of modern engines, automobile manufacturers require engine components to have extremely high performance. Therefore, it is very important that the oil circuit is unblocked, because only clean oil can guarantee the lasting and stable performance of the engine. If impurities and combustion residues are not continuously filtered out of the circulating oil, wear cannot be prevented, and in severe cases, the engine can be damaged.

    In order to ensure safety, when choosing an oil filter, please choose a high-performance glass fiber filter material made by LEFILTER.

  • Fuel Filter

    Fuel Filter Lefilter

    Advantage: More reliability, less wear and tear.

    Modern high-performance injection systems increase the demands on fuel quality and purity. LEFILTER fuel filters guarantee that dust particles and any moisture in the fuel will not damage the engine.

    LEFILTER fuel filters are also suitable for demanding sensitive injection systems and alternative fuels with specific properties, such as biodiesel. With LEFILTER's excellent filter media, you no longer have to worry about dirty particles in your fuel. Our filters protect the injection system from wear and corrosion, helping maintain stable engine operation while reducing maintenance costs.

  • Air Filter

    Air Filter Lefilter

    Advantage: High dust holding capacity of Air Filters, which ensures good reliability of the air filter throughout the maintenance cycle.

    For optimum performance, internal combustion engines require clean intake air. If airborne contaminants such as soot or dust enter the combustion chamber, pitting corrosion can develop on the cylinder head, causing premature engine wear. The function of the electronic components located between the intake chamber and the combustion chamber is also severely affected.

    The LEFILTER air filter is made of imported glass fiber, which can effectively filter all kinds of particulate matter in road conditions. It has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency and strong mechanical stability. Dust, pollen, sand, carbon black or water droplets can be filtered out one by one. This promotes full combustion of fuel and ensures stable engine performance.

    The blockage of the filter will affect the intake of the engine, resulting in insufficient combustion of fuel, and part of the fuel will be discarded without use. Therefore, in order to ensure the performance of the engine, the air filter should be checked regularly.


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