5um 40inch high flow water filter cartridge HFU660GF100H13

Introduction: 3MHF60PP070A01High Flow Rate Water Filter profile: The 3M high-flow filter element is the latest patented product launched by 3M in the United States that integrates advanced techno...

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Product parameter:

The Introduction of high flow water filter:

Pall large flow filters have a big diameter of 6 inches/152mm, but no center support frame. Only one end of the filter is open and its flow manner of filtering fluid is from inside to outside. The big diameter of filter elements increases effective filtering areas, and greatly reduces the amounts of filter element and the size of its body case. Due to its large flow and long life, Pall large flow filter can lower investment and human cost in many applications.
Product properties

The structure of gradual aperture

Maximum flow of one filter can be up to 110m³/h during the water filtering.

Filtration system size can be reduced by 50% in maximum.

Filters with the length of 20", 40"and 60" can be offered.

Inside-out directions guarantee all impurities will be left inside the filters.



The Technical specifications of high flow water filter:

Filter size:
outer diameter: 6"(152mm)
Length:20"(528mm),40"(1022mm),60"(1538mm)Part material:

Filter material: folding glass fiber, folding deep polypropylene(PP), MBPP

Support/Diversion layer: polypropylene (PP)

End cap: reinforced polypropylene with glass fiber 

Seal material: EPR (Ethylene-Propylene Rubber), nitrile rubber

Performance of filter elements:
Filtering accuracy:1μm,4.5μm,6μm,10μm,20μm,40μm,70μm,100μm
Highest operating temperature: folding glass fiber:121ºC           
folding deep polypropylene(PP):82ºC
Maximum pressure drop:  folding glass fiber:3.4bar,121ºC          
folding deep polypropylene(PP):3.4bar,82ºC
Recommended pressure drop for filter replacement: 2.4Bar ,20ºC

Recommended maximum filtering water flow: 20"filter: 660L/min              40"filter: 1300L/min       60"filter: 1900L/min



The Application fields of high flow water filter:

RO cartridge filtration and seawater desalination pretreatment

Filtration of condensed water in power plants

Filtration of bulk drug, solvent, and water in bio-pharmacy industry

Filtration of bottled water, liquid glucose, edible oil, juice, soft drink and milk

Painting, petrochemical industry

Micro-electronics, film, fiber, resin


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