Pall Replacement High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

Introduction: Factory high flow pleated filter cartridge/cooling water treatment filter/industrial water filter Product Description ofhigh flow pleated filter cartridge 3Mhigh flow pleated fil...

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Product parameter:

Specifications of Pall Replacement High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

Type: PALL Water filter

Use:Household Pre-Filtration

Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Pall

Model Number:HFU660GF100H




Max temperature:60degree

Shape:Filter Element for Hydraulic



Service Life:8-12months

Merit:remove metal impurity

PALL Water Filter Introduction

The Ultipleat High Flow filter is suited for applications such as cooling water, pre-RO, and resin

trap filtration. It is a large diameter, coreless, single open-ended, pleated cartridge with an inside

to outside flow pattern. The filters patented crescentshaped pleat geometry, combined with its

large 6"/ 152 mm diameter, reduces the number of filters and size of housing required. The

cartridg is also available in a wide range of Pall media types for other applications.

Pall water filter benefits:

· Up to 50% smaller filter system possible

· Up to forty times fewer elements to change out

· Very high flow rates per filter cartridge, up to 500 gpm / 114 m3/hr

· Available in 20"/ 508 mm, 40" / 1016 mm and 60" / 1524 mm lengths

· Coreless construction to minimize waste disposal

· Absolute rated filter medium for reproducible performance

· Inside to outside flow configuration - all contaminants held within the single open ended filter

Materials of Construction

· Filter Medium:

Pleated polypropylene depth structure

· Support/Drainage:


· Endcaps:

Glass filled polypropylene

· O-ring:

Ethylene propylene

Filtration rating:

· 3.2 µm, 4.5 µm, 10 µm, 20 µm, 40 µm, 70 µm, 100 µm

Pall water filter configuration:

· Single open end, 6" / 152 mm diameter filter

Pall water filter operating conditions:

· Maximum Operating Temperature:

180°F / 82°C

· Maximum Differential Pressure1(nominal inside to outside flow):

50 psid at 180°F / 3.4 bar at 82°C
Pall high flow filter cartridge
Pall high flow filter element
Pall water filter element
Ultipleat High Flow Particulate Filter HFU640UY045H
HFU620UY060J HFU620UY100H13 HFU620UY100J HFU620UY200H13 HFU620UY400H13 HFU620UY400J HFU620UY400JU HFU640GF020H HFU640GF020H13   HFU660GF100H1
HFU640GF100H13 HFU640GF200H13 HFU640UY020J HFU640UY045J HFU640UY1000J HFU640UY1000J HFU640UY1000JU HFU640UY100J HFU640UY200H13  HFU640UY100J  HFU640UY200H13  HFU640UY200J
HFU640UY200J HFU640UY400J HFU640UY400J HFU640UY700J HFU660GF020J HFU660GF100H1 HFU660UY020J HFU660UY045H13 HFU660UY045H4 HFU660UY045J HFU660UY060H13  HFU660UY060J   HFU660UY1000J
Made by Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd 
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