Replacement HF40PP070C01 large flow water filter cartridge

Introduction: 3MHF60PP070A01High Flow Rate Water Filter profile: The 3M high-flow filter element is the latest patented product launched by 3M in the United States that integrates advanced techno...

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Product parameter:

The Brief introduction of 3M high flow water filter:

It’s designed for a variety of container which can hold 1 to 37 filter elements. It can meet a variety of flow rate demands and the hardware of which has a price competitive advantage. The large diameter of Filter design increases the filter area and can greatly reduce the amount of filter elements and the shell size.

The Production Feature of 3M high flow water filter :

1. High pollutant assimilative capacity can prolong the service life and reduce the cost
2. Reduce the amount of replacement filter elements and decrease labor costs
3. The design of seal interface can reduce the risk of bypass flows and increase the filtration efficiency 
4. Easier installment and lower labor costs
5. Wide chemical applicability can be applied to a variety of fields

The Technical specifications of 3M high flow water filter:

The material filter:glass fiber, polypropylene(PP)
Support/Diversion layer : polypropylene
End cover:glass fiber reinforced polypropylene
Seal ring: EPR, PTFE fluororubber

Filter element performance:

Filtering accuracy: 1μm、3μm、5μm、10μm、20μm、50μm、70μm
The highest operating temperature: 80℃
The maximum pressure-drop: folding glass fiber:3.4Bar,20℃
Recommend pressure-drop of the replacement filter: 2.4Bar ,20℃
The maximum water-carrying capacity:  1300L/min
There is also a horizontal corrugation. The outside of the horizontal corrugation is a protective net, and the inside is an inner frame. The filter layer is a horizontal wave type.The structure, size, sealing and filtering methods of the above common inner and outer frame are the same, except for the only outer frame. The skeleton is replaced by an outer protective net, and the vertical corrugation of the filter layer is changed to a horizontal corrugation. The characteristic of this filter element is that it has a large dirt holding capacity

The Application fields of 3M high flow water filter:

RO cartridge filtration, desalination pretreatment
The filtration of Power plant condensate water
Raw material drug, solvents and water filtration in biopharmaceutical industry
Filtration for bottled water, liquid glucose, edible oil, juice, soft drink and milk
Paints, coatings, petrochemical
Microelectronics, films, fibers, resins

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