RCP045-40EPP Parker Water Filter Cartridge

Introduction: RCP045-40EPP Parker High Flow Rates Filter: provides a filtering scheme which can effectively replace deep and other inner diameter 2-1/2 forms in heavy- flowing situations such as ...

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Product parameter:

RCP045-40EPP Parker Water Filter Cartridge

Parker High Flow Rates Filter provides a filtering scheme which can effectively replace deep and other inner diameter 2-1/2" forms in heavy- flowing situations, such as anti-osmosis pre-filtering and similar efficiency-catering occasions. Each park series filter can process flow of 1300 liter/minute, which significantly reduces the filter quantity and size. The capacity of a park filter is equivalent to 10 filters with diameter 2-1/2", length 40". Positively charged type O sealing ring and a built-in handle make the filter installation fast, safe and convenient.

Parker Water Filter

Technical specifications

Filter material: glass fiber, polypropylene(PP), 
Support/Diversion layer: polypropylene(PP)
The end cap: reinforced polypropylene with glass fiber 
Seal ring material: EPR (Ethylene-Propylene Rubber), silicon rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber

Parker High Flow Rates Filter Performance

Filtering accuracy:1μm,4.5μm,6μm,10μm,20μm,40μm,70μm,100μm
Highest operating temperature: 82ºC
Maximum pressure drop:  3.4bar,82ºC
Recommended maximum filtering water flow: 1300LPM

The Applicationn of Parker High Flow Rates Filter

Pretreating of RO cartridge filtration, seawater desalination
Filtration of condensed water in power plants
Filtration of bulk drug, solvent, and water in bio-pharmacy industry
Filtration of bottled water, liquid glucose, edible oil, juice, softdrink and milk
Painting, petrochemical industry
Micro-electronics, film, fiber, resin

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