Turnkey EPC Water Treatment Solutions

LEFILTER utilizes its proven water treatment technology to provide efficient turnkey solutions with minimum lead times. We are a total solutions suppliers with engineering capabilities covering all areas of the raw water and wastewater treatment applications.

Lowers Capital Costs
Operability & Maintenance
Optinizes Plant Processes
Shortens Timelines

Collaborate With You for Delivery

We partner with you to help increase plant capacity, reduce energy consumption and maximize profits. We combine advanced technology, deep industry experience and local knowledge to meet the most challenging water treatment needs, from design, procurement, construction, installation and operations. Ultimately, our approach results in complete customer satisfaction through reliable, cost-effective filtration solutions.

As a leading water treatment EPC supplier, we know that filters often protect multi-million dollar process equipment and are critical to plant operations. By working with a filtration manufacturer from the start, you can avoid the risks of improper filtration, such as erosion, solids buildup, accelerated equipment deterioration, and even failure to operate. By relying on the powerful combination of LEFILTER's senior engineers and filtration equipment, you can rest assured that your project will run smoothly.

Case Studies

With our turnkey programs, you can meet the required discharge limits without having to coordinate with multiple sources for a total process solution.

Chemical plant recycled water project

Polyester textile factory produces a large amount of wastewater during the production process. The main pollutants are emulsified fats and oils (methyl phosphate, fatty acids, polyethylene glycol grease), colorants, surfactants, oils and fats. These wastewater pollutants are difficult, time consuming and costly to treat using common biological oxidation processes. LEFILTER's design and construction team utilizes screens to directly intercept impurities in the water, removing suspended and particulate matter from the water, reducing turbidity, purifying the water, and reducing the production of bacteria, algae, and rust.

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Brewery Fermentation Liquid Treatment

Newly brewery always produces a little cloudy beer due to lack of management experience. It was found that there was a lot of residue in the fermentation broth, and after adding fine filtration equipment to remove the residue from the fermentation broth, the turbidity phenomenon no longer appeared, and the production capacity of the beer was significantly increased, and the sales volume was also significantly increased.

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Water treatment for large vineyards

Vineyards are plagued by water shortages. LEFILTER's shallow sand filters, water softening equipment, and activated carbon filters effectively remove impurities from the raw water, while reverse osmosis filtration systems ensure safe drinking water for the local people.

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LEFILTER turnkey systems have integrated into a variety of demanding applications:

Softened water treatment Raw Water Treatment Systems

Oil Water Separation Systems Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

Municipal Wastewater Systems High Concentration Wastewater

Power Plant Circulating Water Treatment Ultra-pure water treatment

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