592*592*292 V type Filter shipment to Africa for livestock

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Today, 650pcs of 592*592*292 4V-Bank HEPA Air Filter shipment to Africa for livestock from LEFILTER .

Frame   : Injected Moulder Plastic

Media   : Pleated Water Resistant Glass Fiber

Separators  : Hot Melt

Gasket  : Continuous PU Foam

Seal   : PU Double Sealing System

Airflow  : 4250m3/h (nominal)

Press. Loss : 165 Pa

Filter Class : F9 acc. EN799

Size   : 592 x 592 x 292 mm

livestock filters

V-Bank HEPA Filters use for stock farming ,and make air clean to prevent the virus ,keep the livestock away from the disease .

More details ,please contact us whatsApp 0086-13069352523

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