Replacement PECO water filter P90-660-LSN-05L/MB

Introduction: 3MHF60PP070A01High Flow Rate Water Filter profile: The 3M high-flow filter element is the latest patented product launched by 3M in the United States that integrates advanced techno...

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Product parameter:

The Feature&Benefits of P90-660-LSN-05L/MB:

Advanced technology depth filter that provides a rigid structure that maintains an open porosity and permeability for flow
helical flow path forces the liquid to take a longger 

The specifications of P90-660-LSN-05L/MB:

PEACH advanced technology depth cartridge made using polypopylene peco engineered media
Spiral wound,lovered metal core
Nylon end caps
Top cap is closed,with handle
Bottom cap open w/lock seal
Buna o-ring

The Operating Parameter of P90-660-LSN-05L/MB:

Maximum operating temperature 180°F/115.6℃
Recommended changd-out differental pressure 25psid/1.72bar
Maximum allowable differental pressure of cartridge:35psid/2.41bar
Don't exceed maximum allowable differental pressure of the vessels element support plate

Flow direction: outside to inside



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