Dow Film reverse osmosis membrane BW30-400IG

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Product parameter:

The product description of RO membrane:

The nominal effective membrane area of the Dow BW30-400 membrane element is 400 square feet, the water production under standard test conditions is 40m3/d (10,500gpd), and its outer diameter is the same as other standard 8-inch elements. BW30-400 increases water production by increasing the membrane area instead of increasing membrane flux and water supply pressure, so it can maintain a very low fouling rate, thereby maintaining long-term high water production and extending the life of membrane elements. This component has low operating pressure, which increases the economy of system operation. The BW30-400 with increased membrane area can make the newly designed RO system use fewer components, thereby making the system more compact and saving installation costs.


The Parameter introduction of RO membrane:

Model: BW30-400IG
Brand: Dow Film
Membrane type: reverse osmosis membrane
Effective membrane area (㎡): 37m2
Desalination rate: 99.5%
Water production (m3/d): 40m3/d
Outer diameter size: 8 inches


The Technical characteristics of RO membrane

(1) Highly efficient desalination rate under high flow rate;
(2) It has high mechanical strength and service life;
(3) It can function under lower operating pressure;
(4) It can tolerate a higher pH range and the cleaning effect is better;
(5) Less affected by factors such as pH and temperature.


The Application field of RO membrane

Electricity, petrochemical, steel, electronics, medicine, food and beverage, environmental protection, etc.

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