Wire-wound filter element for water treatment

Introduction: 1.Product information Wire-wound filter is made of textile fiber roving, which is tightly wrapped on porous skeleton according to the specific process, forming a honeycomb structure...

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The Product information of Wire-wound filter element

Wire-wound filter is made of textile fiber roving, which is tightly wrapped on porous skeleton according to the specific process, forming a honeycomb structure that is loose outside but tight inside. Wire-wound filter with eminent filtering feature can effectively remove the impurity substance in the fluid, such as suspended matter, rust and particle.

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The Application field of Wire-wound filter element​

a.Pre filtering treatment of drinking water
b.Filtration of acid and lye liquid in chemical process
c.Filtration of industrial chemicals and organic solvent
d.Pre filtering of reverse osmosis in RO
e.Filtration of serous fluid such as syrup, chocolate
f.Filtration of developing liquid, ink
g.Pre filtration of sterile water and ultrapure water
h.Treatment of industrial water and plating solution

The Product features of Wire-wound filter element​

a.Wire-wound filter element is made of textile fiber yarn, which is tightly wrapped on porous skeleton, and its different filtering precision is controlled by the winding density of filtering layer and shapes of filter hole 
b.It can withstand high filtration pressure 
c.It has a wide range of chemical compatibility
d.A variety of materials can be used to make this filter element in order to adapt to the demand of different liquid filtration 
e.The structure of filter aperture with deep filtering effect is loose outside and tight inside 
f.With the small pressure drop and large pollutant-carrying capacity this filter element can effectively remove suspended matters and particles in liquid.


The Technical specifications of Wire-wound filter element​

Filter size:
Outer diameter: 62 mm, 110 mm
Inside diameter: 28 mm, 30 mm
Parts material:
Filter material: polypropylene (PP), absorbent cotton, glass fiber 
Center rod: polypropylene and stainless steel 
Filter performance:
Filtering accuracy: 0.5μm, 1μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 30μm, 50μm, 75μm,100μm
Polypropylene wire-wound filter element can be used in chemical solvents such as acid and alkali, organic solution, and the suggested highest operating temperature is 60 ℃ or less.
The center rod of absorbent cotton fiber filter is made of stainless steel, and it can be used in organic solution, water, oil, alkaline solution, beverage, and medicine etc.

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