100 micron wire wound filter for water treat filtration

Introduction: 1.Product information Wire-wound filter is made of textile fiber roving, which is tightly wrapped on porous skeleton according to the specific process, forming a honeycomb structure...

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Product parameter:

100 micron wire wound filter for water treat filtration
Wire wound filter cartridge is the deep filter element with good air tightness, made of the textile fiber, according to a specific process, tightly wound on the porous core, forming honeycomb structure with loosen exterior as  well as thick interior. The wound filter has good filtration characteristics and can  effectively remove impurities in the fluid ,such as, suspended solids, rust, granules and other impurities. Honeycomb-type wound filter is alternative products based on today's international advanced technology,  overcoming the former shortcomings, such as, large  resistance, short life, etc. With  advanced winding technology, the service life  are  double so that the frequency of replacing filter is reduce and the cost is lowered.
This kind of filter cartridges consist of a continuous fibre yarn, which is wound around a fixed core support. This yarn structure forms the filter layer with a corresponding layer thickness and depth filter effect. Due to the use of various wondering techniques, different thickness of yarn and tractive force during winding, the filter cartridges can be produced with a variety of fine filter rations
Technology Parameter
Technology Parameter
Nominal Precision 1μ & 3μ & 5μ & 10μ & 20μ & 30μ & 50μ & 80μ & 100μ
Length (Inch) 5” &10” &20” &30” &40” &50” &60” &70”
Diameter (mm) 63mm/ 2.5 Inch (55~110mm)
Media Filtration media PP PP Cotton Glass Fiber
Core media PP Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Working Temperature <60 <90 <150 <250
Max Pressure 0.24MPa(2.45bar)@25℃ 0.4MPa(4bar)@25℃
Remark 1.Parameter: Inner diameter: ID, Out diameter: OD, Length: L
2.String parameter: Z, Lozenge case number in support direction Q, number of lines within each Lozenge case N.
3. We produce any length of the diameter underφ110mm.
1.General drinking water pre - filtration treatment
2. Soda acid liquid in chemical processes filtration
3. Chemical raw materials, organic solvents filtration
4. Paint, oil, paint filtration
5. Electroplating (ED), chemical liquid filtration
6. Mechanical oil, cutting oil, heavy oil, fuel oil filtration
7. Edible oil, vegetable oil filtration
8. Oilfield injection water filtration
9. R.O reverse osmosis
10. Syrup, chocolate filtration
11. High viscosity resin, grease filtration
12. Imaging liquid, ink filtration
13. Strong glue, latex, glue filtration
14. Sterile water, ultra-pure water filtration
15. Industrial water, electroplating solution, liquid filtration.
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