Stainless Steel basket strainer basket type filter

Introduction: Industrial water filter DN 100 basket filter strainer Technical Parameters: 1.Norminal diameter:DN15-DN800 2.Working temperature:-30C-200C 3.Filtering accurancy(mesh):10-300 4.Seals...

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Details Stainless Steel basket strainer basket type filter

Stainless Steel basket strainer basket type filter is a small equipment that can remove the solid particles.
It can ensure the normal work of the compressor, pump, instrument and other equipments. When the liquid enter the filter drum with a certain filter screen, the impurities are stopped and the pure liquid can discharged from the filter. Just remove the removable filter drum and reload it when needed washing.
Therefore, the operation and maintenance are convenient too. 

The function is to basket filter the mechanical impurities in the medium; rust and sand in the sewage and solid particals in the liquid so that it can protect the parts of tube from abrasing and blocking.
What’s more it can ensure the normal use of the equipment. The Basket Filter usually connected by flange.


Technical Parameter of Stainless Steel basket strainer basket type filter:

Nominal diameter: DN25-DN300

Working temperature: -30℃-200℃

Filtering accuracy(mesh): 10-300

Seal material: nitrile -butadiene rubber (NBR), fluoro rubber(FPM), oil-resisting asbestos

Working pressure: 1.0Mpa,1.6Mpa

Housing Material: carbon steel, stainless steel 201,304,316

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