Pleated Bag Filter Cartridges replacement site in a steel factory in Shanxi Province

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Project  Overview

【Transformation content】Two thousand Pleated Bag Filter Cartridges replacement

【Transformation purpose】In order to make the old dust collector meet the new environmental requirements and standards, under the condition of the same air volume, replace the Pleated Bag Filter Cartridges to improve the filtration efficiency of the dust collector

Pleated Bag Filter Cartridges

Parameter requirements

Polyester waterproof and anti-static (PTFE) film-coated filter material is used, and the anti-falling hot-melt welding process is used. The inner net adopts automatic punching and corrosion-resistant metal circular net to ensure the blowing effect; the head of the filter cartridge is made of PU (polyurethane) The material ensures the tightness between the head of the filter cartridge and the bag cage; the bottom is made of PU to enhance the wear resistance of the head and bottom, and the hole of the flower plate of the head adopts a silicone sealing ring to improve the service life of the filter cartridge.

Delivery site

Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

Pleated Bag Cartridge

Dust filter cartridge

Industrial Air Dust filter

Installation site

Air Filter Cartridges

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