Natural gas filter element introduction and advantages

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The natural gas filter element is used for the separation and purification of gas gathering stations, compressor stations, sub-transportation stations, pigging stations, etc. on natural gas gathering pipelines and gas pipelines. Safe operation of equipment. According to the unique properties of the gas, the main filter materials with different properties are selected to ensure good gas circulation when passing through, and at the same time increase the amount of dirt. The sealing adopts high temperature and low temperature resistant asbestos gasket as the sealing material to ensure good sealing of some low temperature gases, such as compressed liquefied petroleum gas. The filter element should be cleaned or replaced in time according to the change of pressure difference during use.

Advantage of natural gas filter element :

High filtering precision:

Relative filtration accuracy, the retention rate is more than 90%,

A wide range of filtration accuracy can meet various application requirements,

Good interception effect and longer service life.

Internal thread structure for enhanced compression resistance:

Wide chemical compatibility, large flux, low differential pressure,

Can be washed and regenerated, economical, and sterilized by chemical methods and in-line steam sterilization.

Material: Multi-layer sintering

Sparse outside and dense inside, honeycomb structure, large dirt holding capacity.

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