What are the common faults and maintenance methods of Vacuum Oil Purifier?

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Vacuum Oil Purifier is a device that integrates vacuum drying, separation engineering technology, coagulation technology, adsorption technology and precision filtration technology. Under high vacuum conditions, it can quickly and reliably remove moisture, gas, impurities, colloids, sludge and various pigments in the oil, reduce dielectric loss and acid value, increase the degree of demulsification, and comprehensively improve the quality of the oil.

The Vacuum Oil Purifier can meet higher and faster optimization requirements, and plays a very important role in purifying the entire oil system. Next, I will introduce the common faults and maintenance methods of the vacuum oil filter:

How to solve the problem that the vacuum degree does not meet the technical standards?

●There is too much water in the oil after filtration, and there is too much water vapor in the gas discharged by the vacuum pump, which is a normal phenomenon and needs to be filtered many times;

●Because the altitude of the place of use is different, it does not affect the change of the vacuum degree under the standard atmospheric pressure. Usually, the oil temperature should be increased to evaporate the water;

●The vacuum oil level in the vacuum pump is low, and the vacuum pump should be added;

●Due to the long service time, the vacuum oil needs to be replaced when the water content increases;

●Seal leakage at each connection, need to check and repair;

●The wearing parts of the vacuum pump are worn out, check and replace the wearing parts.

How to solve the ejection phenomenon when the vacuum pump starts?

●The gasket of the vacuum pump is displaced or damaged, and it should be repaired in time;

●The filtered oil contains a lot of water, the oil floats up and sucked into the vacuum pump, the oil level of the vacuum pump rises, and the vacuum oil should not be higher than the oil level line.

How to solve the problem of poor oil control or no temperature?

●The oil temperature is inconsistent with the thermometer, and the oil control needs to be adjusted;

●If the heater is burnt out, open circuit or contact arm does not match, repair the circuit and replace the heater.

How to solve the problem that the oil discharge pump has no pressure and the oil output is insufficient?

●The coarse filter is blocked, the filter should be cleaned in time;

The oil seal of the oil discharge pump leaks, and the oil seal gland needs to be adjusted;

●The oil inlet pipe is blocked, it should be sucked into the bottom of the cylinder and checked in time;

●If the oil suction pipe is too thin or the oil suction range is too deep, the environment should be improved in time;

●When the oil filling hole of the vacuum cylinder is blocked, it should be cleaned in time.

Vacuum Oil Purifier

Common Maintenance Methods

●Check before starting: carefully check the oil level of the vacuum pump of the oil filter unit and the pollution of the oil to the environment. When the oil is turbid, drain the dirty oil from the oil drain valve, and inject clean vacuum pump oil from the oil filling port of the vacuum pump to raise the oil level to the center line of the oil mark.

●After each use of the vacuum oil purifier, if there is oil in the oil collector of the vacuum pump condensing system, or the oil in the vacuum degassing tank overflows into the oil collector, the oil should be drained in time, and then the oil drain valve should be closed tightly .

●When the nozzle of the vacuum degassing tank is blocked, the oil can be drained and compressed with dry air from the inlet of the oil passage, blown or transported by other measures.

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