The application field of oil filter element produced by Lefilter and alternative brand

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Application field:

The oil filter element widely used in power plant steam turbines, rolling mills, continuous casting machines, wind power gearboxes, marine hydraulic systems and other oil filtration.

hydac filter element

Alternative brand:

The oil filter element produced by Lefilter adopts imported HV glass fiber filter material, stainless steel special metal mesh, and machined end cover, to ensure that the parameters such as size, dirt holding capacity, pressure and strength are the same as the original imported parts. The models are complete and self-contained, which can replace more than twenty brands such as Pall, HYDAC, Mahle, Internormen, Taiseikogyo, Filtrec, Argo, Parker, Mp-filtri, etc. Under the guarantee of ISO nine zero zero one/ISO one four zero zero one OHSAS one eight zero zero one management systems Manufactured, the quality is trustworthy.

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