Concentrated welding fumes extractor for metal welding worki


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The customer is from a large centrifugal fan manufacturer . It mainly focuses on sheet metal welding.
A large amount of soot is generated in the welding process and needs to be processed in time.
Otherwise, it affects the environment and employees' occupational health. Environmental protection acceptance also needs to pass.
After discussion, and our professional egineer designed the industrial dust treatment plan for 8 manual welding stations. 

The dust removal device adopts the mainstream flame-retardant filter-type welding fume dust collector on the market.
The filter material is made of fire-retardant material, the filter cylinder is designed and installed vertically, and the maintenance is convenient;
the total air volume is designed to be 8000m3/h, and the pressure loss design is 2500pa. The 11KW centrifugal fan is used as the power source.
The design has a mobile collection bucket to facilitate dust collection and cleaning.
The chimney is designed to be 2m above the roof according to the EIA standard, and the total height is guaranteed to be 15m.
The choice of filter cartridges in industrial dust management is the core of the entire system, including quantity and material, etc.

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