TAISEIKOGYO hydraulic oil filter element SFG-12-20W(5672)

Introduction: Replace Japan TAISEI KOGYO hydraulic filters P-F-LCN-6-20U Filter element is widely used in the hydraulic system to filter the solid and colloidal particles,reduce the hydraulic com...

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Product parameter:

TAISEIKOGYO  filter element:


We can produce all kinds of  TAISEIKOGYO filters to replace the original products. All materials imported from America HV company, which has high quality, stable filtering effect and long working life, so can bring the biggest benefit to the customer.


1. Material: HV fiberglass, Ahistrom filter paper, stainless steel wire mesh

2. Filter rating:  1, 3, 6, 12, 25 …um

3. Pressure: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0Mpa

4. Application field: hydraulic system, lubrication system

5. O-Ring: NBR, fluororubber

350-06-40UK 350-A06-10U 350-A08-40UK 3501-3-10UW
350-06-40UW 350-A06-10UK 350-A08-40UW 3501-3-150K
350-06-50UK 350-A06-10UW 350-A08-50UK 3501-3-150W
350-06-50UW 350-A06-150K 350-A08-50UW 3501-3-200K
350-06-5UK 350-A06-150W 350-A08-5UK 3501-3-200W
350-06-5UW 350-A06-200K 350-A08-5UW 3501-3-20U
350-06-60UK 350-A06-200W 350-A08-60UK 3501-3-20UK
350-06-60UW 350-A06-20U 350-A08-60UW 3501-3-20UW
350-06-6M 350-A06-20UK 350-A08-6M 3501-3-3M
350-08-100K 350-A06-20UW 3501-2-100K 3501-3-40U
350-08-100W 350-A06-3M 3501-2-100W 3501-3-40UK
350-08-10M 350-A06-40U 3501-2-10M 3501-3-40UW 

1, Hydraulic Engineering Systems Industry;
2, Mining and Metallurgical Equipment Industry;
3, Construction, engineering machinery industry;
4, Machine Tool Industry;
5, Agricultural machinery industry;
6, Plastic machinery industry;
7, Petrochemical industry;
8, Ship and marine engineering equipment industry.
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