Swimming pool filtration multi-fold filter cartridge

Introduction:Product description: The multi-fold filter element is made of polyester fiber filter material which has durable performance. The filter medium center rod and end cap are glued together to ensure that the end cap is better closed. Because i

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Product parameter:

Introduction of  Multi-fold filter element

The filtering medium of folded filter element is made of polyester fiber, which has good mechanical properties, optical properties and high temperature resistance. The performance cannot be affected in a strong acid, but affected in alkali. The high tensile strength ascribed to polyester fiber cloth, the material of this filter. The filter media, the central rod and the end cover are glued together as an integral part, to ensure a better leakproofness. The folding design can provides a greater filter area and an extended filter life. It can also reduce replacement frequency and costs. Taking the industrial value into consideration, this filter is an economic product.
 Product Features of  Multi-fold filter element
 Folding design can increases filtering area
 Low PSID, high flux, long service time
 Washable, lower costs

Technical Specifications of  Multi-fold filter element

Filter size::
Outer diameter: 68mm
Inner diameter: 28mm
Length: 9.75 '', 9.87 '', 10 '', 20 '', 30 '', 40 ''
Component Materials:
 Filter material: polyester, polypropylene (PP)
The end cover: PU / plastisol
Center pole: Polypropylene

The Performance of  Multi-fold filter element:

Filtering accuracy: 1μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 50μm
Maximum operating temperature: 37.8 ℃
Maximum pressure: 4.0Bar
Flow: 3-10GPM /10 '' (owing to the different size of the pore)

Applications of  Multi-fold filter element

RO cartridge filtration and common water treatment
Food industry and drinking water
Swimming pool filtration
Acid-base liquids filtration in the industrial chemical process
Chemicals materials and organic solvents filtration
Pre-filtering for sterile water and ultra-pure water
Industrial water, electroplating water treatment

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