MP Hydraulic Suction filter element CU630M25N

Introduction:The introduction of MP filter element CU630M25N: In the hydraulic system, the jade filter element is mainly used to filter solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, and effectively control the pollution degree of the w

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Product parameter:

The introduction of MP filter element CU630M25N:

In the hydraulic system, the jade filter element is mainly used to filter solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, and effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium.

Performance standard of CU630M25N filter element:  
Filter material: Use high-quality glass fiber filter material   
Filtering accuracy: 25
Structural strength: 1.0Mpa  
Scope of application: used in the filtration of pressure oil in hydraulic and lubrication systems to filter out pollutants in the system and ensure the normal operation of the system.



Test standard of CU630M25N  filter element:

Filter element-rupture resistance verification according to ISO 2941  
Filter element-structural integrity according to ISO 2942 
Filter element-material and liquid compatibility verification according to ISO 2943  
Filter element-end load test method according to ISO 3723
Filter element-determination of fatigue characteristics according to ISO 3724
Filter element-pressure difference flow characteristics according to ISO 3968  
Filter element—Multi-pass method for determining filter characteristics according to ISO 4572


Application fields of CU630M25N filter element:

1. Metallurgy: used in the filtration of the hydraulic system of rolling mills and continuous casting machines and filtration of various lubricating equipment.
2. Petrochemical: Separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in the process of oil refining and chemical production, and particle removal and filtration of oilfield injection water and natural gas.
3. Textile: Purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the drawing process, protection and filtration of air compressor, degreasing and water removal of compressed gas.
4. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: pre-treatment filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water, pre-treatment filtration of washing liquid and glucose.
5. Thermal power and nuclear power: lubrication systems, speed control systems, bypass control systems for gas turbines, boilers, oil purification, feedwater pumps, fans, and dust removal systems.
6. Mechanical processing equipment: lubrication system and compressed air purification of papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large precision machinery, dust recovery and filtration of tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment.
7. Railway internal combustion engines and generators: filtration of lubricating oil and engine oil.

Other model of MP oil filter:

CU40M60V MFMF0201M25NB HP1352T10AH
CU40M90N MF0201M25NV HP1352T10VH
CU40M90V MF0201M60NB HP1352T25AH
CU40P10N MF0201M60NV HP1352T25VH
CU40P10V MF0201M90NB HP3201A03AH
CU40P25N MF0201M90NV HP3201A03AN
CU40P25V MF0201P10NB HP3201A03VH
CU630A03N MF0201P10NV HP3201A03VN
CU630A03V MF0201P25NB HP3201A06AH
CU630M25N MF0202A10NB HP3201M10AN
CU630M25V MF0202A10NV HP3201M10VN
CU630M60N MF0202A25HB HP3201M25AN
CU630M60V MF0202A25HB HP3201M25VN
CU630M90N MF0202A25HV HP3201M60AN
CU630M90N MF0202A25HV HP3201M60VN
CU630M90V MF0202A25NB HP3201P03AN
CU630P10N MF0202A25NB HP3201P03VN
CU630P10V MF0202A25NV HP3201P10AN
CU630P25N MF0202A25NV HP3201P10VN
CU630P25V MF0202M125NB HP3201P25AN
CU730A10N MF0202M125NV MR8501A06V
CU730A25N MF0202M25NB MR8501A10A
CU730M10N MF0202M25NV MR8501P10V
CU730M250N MF0202M60NB MR8501P25A
CU730M25N MF0202M60NV MR8501P25V
CU730M60N MF0202M90NB MR8502A03A
CU730M90N MF0202M90NV MR8502A03V
CU730P10N MF0202P10NB MR8502A06A
CU850M10V MF0203A06NV MR8502M90A
CU850M250N MF0203A10HB MR8502M90V
CU850M250V MF0203A10HV MR8502P10A
CU850M25N MF0203A10NB MR8502P10V
CU850M25V MF0203A10NV MR8502P25A
CU850M60N MF0203A25HB MR8503M60V
CU850M60V MF0203A25HV MR8503M90A
CU850M90N MF0203A25NB MR8503M90A
CU850M90V MF0203A25NV MR8503M90V
CU850P10N MF0203M125NB MR8503P10A
CU850P10V MF0203M125NV MR8503P10V
CU850P25N MF0203M25NB MR8503P25A
CU850P25V MF0203M25NV MR8504P25A
HP0371A03AN MF0203M60NB MR8504P25V
HP0371A03AV MF0203M60NV SF250M25
HP0371A06AN MF0203M90NB SF250P25
HP0371A06AV MF0203M90NV SF503-M125
HP0371A10AN MF0203P10NB SF503-M25
HP0371A10AV MF0203P10NV SF503-M250
HP0371A25AN MF0203P25NB SF503-M60
HP0371A25AV MF0203P25NV SF503-M90
HP0371P25AV MF1001A03NB MF1002P25NV
HP0372A03AN MF1001A03NV MF1003A03HB
HP0372A03AV MF1001A06HB MF1003A03HV
HP0372A06AN MF1001A06HV MF1003A03NB
HP0372A06AV MF1001A06NB MF1003A03NV
HP0372A10AN MF1001A06NV MF1003A06HB
HP0372A10AV MF1001A10HB MF1003A06HV
HP0372A25AN MF1001A10HV MF1003A06NB
CS-050-P10-A-B  CS-050-P10-A  CS-150-P25-A    
CS-100-P10-A    CS-150-P10-A  CS-050-P25-A    
CS-070-P10-A    CS-100-P25-A  CT-150-M60-A    
CG-150-A06-A    CS-150-A10-A  CS-150-A25-A     
CS-100-A25-A    CS-100-A10-A  CH-150-A10-A    
CH-150-P10-A    CH-050-P25-A  CH-050-P10-A    
CH-070-A25-A    CSG-150-P25A  CSG100P10A      
CSG100P25A      CSG-100-P10-A CSG150A10A

​The photo of MP oil filter element:

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