01.E 4000.10VG.10.E.P Internormen Filter Element replacement

Introduction: 01.NL400.3VG.30.E.V INTERNORMEN hydraulic filter element OtherINTERNORMEN model: 01.E1201.40G.10.SP 01.E150.10G.30.EP 01.E150.10VG.HR.EP 01.E150.16VG.30.EV 01.E150.25G.HR.EP 01.E150...

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Product parameter:

01.E 4000.10VG.10.E.P Internormen Filter Element replacement

Internormen  company is the top on the hydraulic system pollution control.Their products have the characteristic on high pressure collapse resistance,high liquidity,high filtration efficiency.They are widely used in hydraulic and lubricant system to keep the systems operate regularly.Lefilter can produce such filters with same functions to replace Internormen   products.
01.E 4000.10P.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.10VG.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.130G.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.16VG.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.25G.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.25P.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.25VG.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.3VG.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.40G.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.6VG.10.E.P.-
01.E 4000.80G.10.E.P.-
01.E 4001.10VG.10.E.P.VA
01.E 4001.10VG.10.S.P.-
01.E 4001.130G.10.E.V.-
01.E 4001.130G.10.E.V.VA
01.E 4001.25G.10.E.P.-
01.E 4001.25G.10.E.P.VA
01.E 4001.25VG.10.E.P.-
01.E 4001.25VG.10.E.P.VA
01.E 4001.25VG.10.E.V.SON
01.E 4001.25VG.10.S.P.-
01.E 4001.25VG.10.S1.P.-
01.E 4001.3VG.10.E.P.-
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