Hanksion Precision Air Line Filter E7-48

Introduction: Replacement Hankison E9-20 Filter Element E1-12 E3-12 E5-12 E7-12 E9-12 E1-16 E3-16 E5-16 E7-16 E9-16 E1-20 E3-20 E5-20 E7-20 E9-20 E1-24 E3-24 E5-24 E7-24 E9-24 E1-28 E3-28 E5-28 E...

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Product parameter:


1.Hankison precision air filter element is widely used to filter out the impurities in the air, such as oil, water, solid particles and so on. It belongs to Compressor Inline Filter.
2.If we do not remove these impurities, they will affect the service life of the equipment, and even threaten the normal operation of the system. 
3.The compressed air is the main security energy in the large-scale industrial production, so precision filtration of the air is particularly important.

Features of Hanksion Precision Air Line Filter E7-48:

1.Working medium: oil, water and solid particles in the air
2.Filter material: imported fiberglass, filter felt
3.Filter accuracy: 0.01-5um
4.Application: air compressor
5.Filter level: main pipeline dust removal filter, main pipeline oil removal filter, high efficiency oil removal filter, ULPA oil removal filter, active carbon filter
6.Used part: in the front of air compressor, in the back of the air compressor

Hanksion air line filter element model as below

E1-12 E1-16 E1-20 E1-24 E1-28 E1-32 E1-36 E1-40 E1-44 E1-48
E3-12 E3-16 E3-20 E3-24 E3-28 E3-32 E3-36 E3-40 E3-44 E3-48
E5-12 E5-16 E5-20 E5-24 E5-28 E5-32 E5-36 E5-40 E5-44 E5-48
E7-12 E7-16 E7-20 E7-24 E7-28 E7-32 E7-36 E7-40 E7-44 E7-48
E9-12 E9-16 E9-20 E9-24 E9-28 E9-32 E9-36 E9-40 E9-44 E9-48

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