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Introduction: The Product introduction of Donaldson air filter: 1. Adopt imported fiber polyester filter material. 2. The fiber has good abrasion resistance and can increase the filtration air sp...

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Product parameter:

The Product introduction of Donaldson air filter:

1. Adopt imported fiber polyester filter material.
2. The fiber has good abrasion resistance and can increase the filtration air speed more than traditional filter materials.
3. The filter material has good stiffness and can be cleaned repeatedly to prolong the service life.
4. The end cover and skeleton are galvanized, which is not easy to rust.
5. Special sealed closed cell elastic neoprene.
6. Use below 135 degrees.


The Performance characteristics of Donaldson air filter

1. Ordinary domestic filter paper
2. Imported filter paper
3. Flame-retardant filter paper
4. Ordinary polyester cloth filter paper
5. PTFE coated filter paper
6. Antistatic filter paper

The Working principle of Donaldson air filter:

The commonly used automatic cleaning methods for filter cartridges include high-pressure gas pulse back blowing and mechanical vibration. Pulse back-blowing is to use a preset parameter of the controller to give a signal to the solenoid valve, instantaneously open and close the solenoid valve diaphragm, so that the high-pressure gas enters the blowing pipe, and use the rapid expansion force of the gas to shake off the dust on the surface of the filter cartridge, the general gas pressure We set it to about 6 kgf. Mechanical vibration dust removal is commonly used in small stand-alone filter cartridge dust collectors. It uses the shaking force generated by the eccentric device on the dust collector flower plate to remove dust. This action needs to be operated after shutdown.

The design wind speed of the filter cartridge is a key parameter, which is related to the operation effect of the entire dust collector. In general, we recommend that the design wind speed of the filter paper containing wood pulp fibers should not exceed 0.6 meters per minute. Polyester non-woven fabrics are recommended The design wind speed is 1 meter/minute, of course, we have to consider it more specifically according to the characteristics of the filtered dust.


The Application field of Donaldson air filter:

Scope of application: powder spraying, sand blasting, paint, wood, cement and other industries.
Replacement Model of DONALDSON filter element:
P164351,P164352,P164365,P164375,P164378,P164381,P164384,P164556,P164561,P164574,P164592,P164594,P164596,P164598,P164699,P164852,P164919,P164921,P165006,P165015,P165138,P165144,P165231,P165238,P165239,P165240,P165243,P165332,P165335,P165354,P165378,P165434,P165569,P165659,P165672,P165675,P165705,P165762,P165875,P165876,P165877,P165878,P165879,P165880,P165973,P166086,P166135,P166136,P166246,P166254,P166255,P166387,P166418,P166663,P166862 P550423,P550425,P550427,P550428,P550429,P550430,P550431,P550433,ect

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Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd (Stock code:837936)is specialized in manufacture of filters ,filter equipment,and environment system . Located in Xinxiang City-the center of Filtration in China.Lefilter has superior R & D team, professional technical team,experienced overseas sales team and perfect after-sales service system.We Lefilter people will try our best to satisfy customers' requirements.The develop philosophy of LEFILTER is "To purify environment,To serve society,To manage faithfully and To oyrsye excellence"!What's more,there're advanced production line,test machine and R & D department.They also obtained certification like ISO9001, IQNet & CQM,SGS,CNEX etc.



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