Dust Fume Collectors for Laser & Plasma Cutting

Introduction: Descriptionsstainless steel dust collector bag filter type for plastic industry Baghouse dust collectors are using needle felt bags for filtering and reverse pulse compressed air...

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Application of Dust Fume Collectors for Laser & Plasma Cutting

Dust Fume Collectors for Laser & Plasma Cutting  is widely used in various metal welding fume purification, polishing and polishing, metal surface treatment, industrial production, smoke and smoke, technical laser cutting dust purification, plasma cutting, polishing and dust generation, and precious metal material recycling industry.

advantages of Dust Fume Collectors for Laser & Plasma Cutting

1. Advanced filter cartridge technology (Uitra-Web) to save costs: Donaldson Uitra-Web filter cartridge, saving up to 50% of electricity costs.

2, pulse cleaning technology (Extralife): the use of Donaldson Extralife? pulse cleaning technology, cleaning efficiency is higher, and can extend the life of the filter cartridge by more than 20%.

3, 0.3μm filtration accuracy: the dust generated by laser cutting is generally between 0.3~0.5μm, and the filtration effect of nanofiber filter material on this kind of dust can be as high as 99%.

4, flame retardant filter material: Donaldson flame retardant filter material, can be effective flame retardant treatment of Mars entering the dust collector, to prevent equipment fire.

Specifications of Cartridge Dust Collectors:



Polyester Filter Area

Cellulose Filter Area


CDHR 3-12


112.8 M2

192 M2

7200~9600 CMH

CDHR 3-24


225.6 M2

384 M2

14400~19200 CMH

CDHR 3-36


338.4 M2

576 M2

21600~28800 CMH

CDHR 3-48


451.2 M2

768 M2

28800~38400 CMH

CDHR 3-60


564 M2

960 M2

36000~48000 CMH

CDHR 3-72


676.8 M2

1152 M2

43200~57600 CMH

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