Oil Purification Type Waste Engine Oil Recycling Equipment

Introduction: 1. Work flow ofwaste oil distillation plant 2.Specification ofwaste oil distillation plant Model Reactor material Capacity Container LE-05 316L stainless steel 3-5tons 2*40HQ LE-10 ...

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Product parameter:

1.Technical parameter of Oil Purification Type Waste Engine Oil Recycling Equipment





The raw materials:

tires oil, plastics oil and oil sludge waste engine oil,waste motor oil


Total Capacity:

5 tons/day,10 tons/day.,20 tons/day


the size of reactor:

2.2*4.5m, 2.2*5.1m,2.2*30m


Average oil productivity:

about 80%


Average waste-gas productivity:



Feeding time:

1-2 hour


Design pressure:

7 Pa

2.Major parts of Oil Purification Type Waste Engine Oil Recycling Equipment


2.Catalyst tower

3.Distillation tower

4.Heat exchanger

5.Condenser cooling system


7.Cooling pool

8.Light component oil collection tank

9.Middle Component oil collection tank

10.Vacuum system

11.Residue oil tank

12.Dust remove disposal device(strong spray tower,draft fan,active carbonabsorption tower,purify water pool)

13.water sealing

14.strring tank

15.Operation plat form

16.Power Control cabinet

17.Other accessory

4.Advantage of Oil Purification Type Waste Engine Oil Recycling Equipment

1.)Continuous operating for 90 days without coking.
2.)Latest tubular heating system which can save fuel 20--30%.
3.)All sealed and auto feeding and slag discharging system, available in 350degree temperature condition.
4.)This model is for processing waste engine oil into diesel oil.
5.)The output should be above 90%, water percent affect the data obviously.
6.)Our distillation machine can distillate the flowing materials, turn the waste to energy.
-  Fuel oil extracted from waste plastics and scrap rubber.
-  Waste engine oil.
-  Waste raw oil.
-  Waste washing oil.
-  Waste oil, Raw oil.
-  Waste lubricating oil.
7.)Increase oil yield 5% compared to the similar plant, oil yield rate reaches to 80%.
8.) Unique condensers and vacuum device makes our pyrolysis oil distillation machine highly efficient.
9.) Advanced device and design to make sure the distillation process is proceeding in a total environmental and safe surrounding.
10.) Multiple methods to eliminate color and odor of the distilled oil which ensures the final oil is of high quality.
11.)The complete set of unit produce no smoke and no smell.

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