The story of LEFILTER

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Lefilter has made continuous breakthroughs in various fields: successfully registered on the NEEQ, stock

 code: 837936,stock abbreviation: Xinxiang Filter. It has obtained high-tech enterprise certificate, quality

 management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and

 safety management system certification, Xinxiang Intelligent Fluid Purification Engineering Technology

 Research Center, intellectual property management system certification, CE certification and other scientific

 and technological achievements, 88 patents and 23 trademark registrations.


Culture : Lefilter Headquarter Building and the four production bases have been operated in coordination, 

and the "Mom Taste" staff restaurant and youth apartment have been put into use, reflecting the corporate

 culture with "home" as the core.


Social responsibility: Over the past 13 years, the development of the company has been inseparable from

 social support, and it is also our responsibility to nurture the society. Lefilter earnestly fulfills the obligations of

 corporate citizens, loves education, donates money to poor students and books; Persist in fighting against the

 epidemic, prepare mask production lines, and donate anti epidemic materials; During the 720 catastrophic 

flood in Henan, we provided free apartment accommodation for flood fighting heroes, and delivered

 heartwarming food to the lonely and widowed elderly.


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