Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp., Ltd was situated in Xinxiang city, Henan province, China. (Stock name: Xinxiang Filter, Stock No. 837936, trade mark: LEFILTER) is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing Hydraulic Filtration, Water Filtration, Air Filtration and other special equipment for environmental protection since 2008. And certified according to DIN ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 + ISO 45001,CE ,ect.

LEFILTER has signed long-term industry-university-research strategic cooperation agreements with major universities and colleges to help the government solve 500+ jobs. The company strives for development by science and technology as well as innovation, and keeps the tradition of investing 5% of the annual sales revenue in R&D to shape the high-quality brand for environmental protection equipment. And established our own QC&QA with 69 technical engineers, totaling 114 authorized patents and 17 technical qualifications.

We insist on purifying environment, serving the society, managing with integrity and pursuing excellence, and are committed to providing systematic solutions for customers and building the data information platform over 70,000 customers at large. The products mainly serve in such fields as Steel & Metallurgy, Power generation & nuclear power , Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Petrochemical, Auto engine & engineering,Pulp &Paper, Food and Beverage, Water Treatment,ect. We provide one-stop service for the global customers in a quick response mechanism throughout the whole selling process.

Stay connected with all industries at large with our ideas all over the world. We strive to improve people’s lives with better products and reshape our planet with green grassland, beautiful mountains, clean rivers and blue sky. All missions on our shoulders, we are all along on the way.


2008-12 Register “LEFILTER” Company Trademark

2009-03 Establish long-term cooperative relationship with domestic large-scale Power plant and Steel Group

2009-07 Set Up Office in Shanghai city,China

2010-08 General Manager Mr. An Qi served as President of Xinxiang Filtration Association

2011-03 Set Up three branch Company for coordinated development and enjoy multi-channel dividend income

2015-05 Attend International Petrochemical Exhibition in Iran

2016-07 LEFILTER was public listed successfully, stock code: 837936, stock name: Xinxiang Filter

2017-02 Automatic production line and move to 9000 square meters building

2019-12 Added 20 new registered trademarks and 14 newly declared patents

2020-04 Prepare mask production line and donate anti-epidemic materials to beat covid-19

2021-07 Actively participate in “720” flood disaster relief

2022-02 Annual Dividend and Commendation Conference


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lefilter ISO9001
lefilter ISO14001
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