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How to chose a large flow water filter element


How to chose a large flow water filter element 

Different from the general water filter element, the high-flow water filter element has a better application effect in sewage treatment, and the effect produced is much stronger than that of the ordinary water filter element.

Therefore, now the high-flow water filter element has become the first choice for purchase. When choosing a large-flow water filter element, the factors that need to be considered mainly include four aspects by LEFILTER engineer team .

①Horizontal pleated design and technology.

As the core filter unit of the large-flow filtration system, the large-flow filter element uses horizontal discount technology to maximize the area of ​​the filter medium in a limited space.

At the same time, the folding technology can ensure that when fluid passes through the filter element, each unit area of ​​the filter medium has fluid passing through, ensuring that the area of ​​the filter medium is completely converted into an effective filter area.

②The flux is 20 times higher than that of the conventional filter element.

The flow direction is smooth outside and inside, and the inner diameter of the filter element is 3 inches, so that the high flow rate of a single filter element can reach 110 tons/hour.

③Absolute filtering accuracy.

The high-flow filter element claims that the accuracy and filtration efficiency are 99.9% at 5 microns. During the test, the high-flow filter element has a 5 micron filtration efficiency greater than 99.9%, and the filtration efficiency for 3 micron particles also reaches 99.5% or more.

④Long service life.

For traditional filter elements, high filtration efficiency, high impurity holding capacity and service life are often unable to find a suitable balance point. That is, if the product's filtration efficiency is high, its dirt holding capacity and service life may often be short.

Due to its own technical advantages and unique design, the large-flow filter element balances the relationship between filtration efficiency, dirt holding capacity and service life, achieving an absolute filtration efficiency of 99.9%, and a single filter element has a dirt holding capacity of 15KG .

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