how can we store the high flow filter cartridge Pall replace


It replaces the pall high-flow filter element with high frequency in wastewater treatment. It adopts horizontal pleating technology and has uniform corrugation, which not only increases the area of ​​the filter medium, but also has a large pressure-bearing flow and good effect.

Wastewater treatment generally includes industrial wastewater, urban pipeline wastewater, laboratory water separation and purification, iron and steel, or seawater desalination systems in the power industry.
Wastewater and sewage reuse in the industrial field. Generally, filter elements are used as security filter elements.

Instead of pall high-flow filter cartridges, they are generally used in security filters, such as seawater desalination, polluted water filtration, liquid filtration in pharmaceutical food plants, process fluids, reverse osmosis system pre-filtration, wastewater treatment and other industries.

Due to large demand, manufacturers will Choose bulk purchase storage for replacement.


Precautions and environmental requirements for storing and replacing pall high-flow filter cartridge:

It is recommended to store in a dry and ventilated warehouse instead of pall high-flow filter element to avoid excessive humidity.

Generally speaking, when high-flow filter elements are shipped, they will be wrapped in a plastic sealed bag to prevent the filter element from being contaminated.

However, some customers will directly seal the box for delivery when there is no special requirement. If stored in a humid air environment, or stored outdoors, it may cause pollution of the filter element and affect the life of the filter.

high flow filter cartridge

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