Cellulose Cartridge Filter

Filter Media Types:

1.100% cellulose

2.Cellulose/Polyester blend

3.Cellulose with flame retardant treatment


1.Lowest energy consumption to save cost

2.Great filter surface and airflow

3.Uniform pleat spacing is maintained

Applicable Temperature: 65°C

Typical Applications:

A wide applications, dry and granular shaped particulate such as Metal working, Shot Blasting, Mining industry, Tobacco,Chemical, Gas turbine,Compressor, and dust removal.

Technical Data:

Model O.D I.D Length Diameter of hole
LF/Z3266 Φ324mm Φ213mm 660mm Φ14
LF/Z3275 Φ324mm Φ213mm 750mm Φ14
LF/Z3566 Φ352mm Φ241mm 660mm Φ16
LF/Z3288 Φ324mm Φ213mm 880mm Φ16
LF/Z3290 Φ324mm Φ213mm 915mm Φ16

Polyester Cartridge Filter

Filter Media Types:

1.100% spun bond polyester

2.Polyester with antistatic treatment

3.Polyester with oil & water repellant treatment

4.Polyester with PTFE membrane


1.Durable and rigid material, washable

2.Excellent resistance against electric conductance, oil and water

3.Wide pleat spacing and smooth, hydrophobic PTFE provides excellent dust cake release

4.Highest filter efficiency to meet the stringent efficiency requirements

5.Excellent resistance to chemical erosion

Applicable Temperature: 120°C

Typical Applications:

Filtration for very fine dust types in Metal, Woodworking, Chemical, Pigment, Cement, Food Paper, Plastic, Sandblasting, Powder Coating,Welding Fume, Foundry, Pharmaceutical and other sticky agglomerative dust collections.

Technical Data:

Model O.D I.D Length
LF/P3266 Φ324mm Φ213mm 660mm
LF/P3566 Φ352mm Φ241mm 660mm
LF/P3275 Φ324mm Φ213mm 750mm
LF/P3288 Φ324mm Φ213mm 880mm
LF/P3290 Φ324mm Φ213mm 915mm


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