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Pall LG Liquid and Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridges CS604LGH

New Model-Portable AC  PS ONE




Pall LG Liquid and Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridges CS604LGH13 are designed for critical air or gas service applications where high-efficiency removal of oil or water droplets and particulate solids is required. Via a series of graded non-wettable media, droplets are captured, coalesced, and drained to the bottom of the housing, preventing filtered droplet re-entrainment into the downstream gas flow. LG coalescing filters protect downstream equipment and processes from compressor wear products, lubrication oil, water or other liquid droplets, corrosion products and other particulate contaminants, while reducing maintenance costs.

Features and Benefits of Pall LG Liquid and Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridges 

  • Remove oil and water droplets from air and gas streams

  • Fixed-pore and non-shedding media

  • High separation efficiency

  • HEPA-quality air effluent

  • Prevents wet-out blockage of downstream membranes

  • High filter area for prolonged life

  • Low saturated pressure drop reduces operating costs

  • Rapid from liquid surges recovery

  • Range of sizes for most applications

  • Protects equipment and processes

  • Reduces downtime and labor costs

  • Manufactured for use in conformance with cGMP

  • ISO 9000 Certified Quality System

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