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PP melt-blown water filter/pp filter cartridge

New Model-Portable AC  PS ONE




1.PP melt-blown Filter is composed of polypropylene superfine fiber which melted and entangled at high temperatures. The fiber without any chemical adhesives forms three-dimensional micro porous structure which integrates the surface, the deep and the coarse filter together. Because the fiber and density in the diameter direction of the filter forms deep filtering structure with high filtration precision, high pollutant assimilative capacity, small pressure difference, dense inside and sparse outside gradient aperture structure. It has strong pollutant assimilative capacity, and can effectively remove the impurities such as suspended solids in the flow of fluid, particles, rust, etc. it also have a good filtering performance and long service life.

2. Application fields:
 used in drinking water filtration, RO antiosmosis filtration
 used in the acid and alkali liquid filtration in industrial chemistry
 The filtration of industrial water and plating solution
 The filtration of imaging solution and ink
 The pre-filtration of sterile water and ultra-pure water
 The filtration of chemical materials and organic solvent

3. Production Features:
 The surface with deep hole groove structure can scatter the direction of flow and reduce the flow v  resistance
 Progressive density structure can increase the carrying capacity of the pollutant
 Reinforce the surface fiber structure and reduce the depilation possibility
 Be made of PP superfine fiber which have high filtration precision
100% pure PP can ensure high corrosion resistance
 shape in hot melt way without any chemical adhesive

4. Technical specifications:
Filter Size:
External diameter:63mm,110mm
Inner diameter:28mm,30mm
Length:9.75" 、9.87" 、10" 、20" 、30" 、40" 、50" 、60"
Filter material:polypropylene (PP)
End cover:polypropylene
Center pole: polypropylene
Spacer/ seal ring: silicon rubber, Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), nitrile rubber buna (NBR), FPM
Filter element performance:
Filtering accuracy: 1μm、3μm、5μm、10μm、25μm、50μm、75μm、100μm、150μm
The highest operating temperature: 80℃
The maximum PSID (Pounds per Square Inch Differential): 2.0Bar,21℃


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