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Replace HYDAC Filter Cart Lubricating Oil Filter Equipment

New Model-Portable AC  PS ONE




Replace HYDAC Filter Cart LYJ-40 Lubricating Oil Filter Equipment

1.Product introduction

LYJ-40 pushcart filter is a new generation oil purification equipment developed by us.This machine is easy to operate and reliable to use. It is suitable for hydraulic system of various industries,lubrication system,cooling system,static pressure system media(a variety of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cooling liquid)filtration, purification, and can also be used for refueling or low pressure line system cleaning.

2.Installation and Debugging

1)The equipment should be placed close to the oil source,in order to reduce pipe resistance.

2)Connecting the power wire, earth wire, and jogging the starter button,and observing if rotation direction of the motor is consistent with spin-on direction of oil pump. If reverse,please adjust the phase sequence of power supply. 

3)Starting power switch,checking if the joint has the oil spilling,if happens,please adjust the joints.

4)System starts up, open the discharge valve to exhaust the system air, when oil overflows out, close the discharge valve; and start the filtration.

3.Usage and Maintenance

The device is essentially a maintenance-free type,only has a few points to remind the operator.

1)Before turning on the power supply, make sure if the power supply voltage is consistent with the requirements of this machine.

2)After start-up, if abnormal vibration and noise found, please process according to Troubleshooting List fault 1.

3)Regularly check if the electronic control switch,cable normal are OK.

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