About Us

 Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd (Stock code:837936)is specialized in manufacture of filters ,filter equipment,and environment system . Located in Xinxiang -the center of Filtration in China.Lefilter has superior R & D team, professional technical team,experienced overseas sales team and perfect after-sales service system.We Lefilter people will try our best to satisfy customers' requirements.The develop philosophy of LEFILTER is “To purify environment,To serve society,To manage faithfully and To oyrsye excellence”!What’s more,there're advanced production line,test machine and R & D department.They also obtained certification like ISO9001, IQNet & CQM,SGS,CNEX etc.

Main Prodcuts :

National Standard Filters Series, 
Replacment Filter Element Series, 
Air Compressor Filter Series, 
Precision Filter Element Series,
Air Filter Series,
Water Filter Series,
Filter Machine Series

Products Application :
1, Metallurgy: used in hydraulic system of rolling mil, caster filter and various kinds of lubrication of filtering.
2, Petrochemical, oil refining, chemical production process of products and the separation of intermediate products and recovery, the oil field note well water and natural gas particle filter except.
3, Textile: polyester melt in the purification and drawing process even filter, air compressor protection filtering, compressed gas oil removal in addition to water.
4, Electronic and pharmaceutical: reverse osmosis water, deionized water to treatment filter and wash the liquid and glucose former treatment filter.
5, Thermal power and the nuclear power: turbo-generator, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system of the purification of the oil, water pump, fan and dust removal system purification.
6, Mechanical processing equipment: papermaking machinery, mining machinery, the injection molding machine and large precision machinery lubrication system and compressed air purification, tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment recovery of dust filter.
7, Railway internal combustion engines and generators: lubricating oil and oil filter.
8, Automobile engine and engineering machinery: internal combustion engine with air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, engineering machinery, the ships, the vehicles to use all kinds of hydraulic oil filter, diesel oil filter, water filter.
9, All kinds of lifting, handling homework: lifting, loading and other construction machinery to fire, maintenance, handling special vehicle, ship’s cargo crane, anchor machine, blast furnace, steel-making equipment, lock, door opening and closing of the device, the rise and fall of theater orchestra and lifting stage, all kinds of automatic transmission line etc.
10, All kinds of needed forces of pushing, crowded, pressure, cut, mining operation device:hydraulic press, metal material, shaping, die casting, rolling, stretching and shear equipment, plastic injection molding machines, plastic extrusion machine, and other chemical machinery, tractors, harvester and other logging, mining of forestry in mechanical, tunnel, mines and mining equipment of the ground, and all kinds of ships in the steering gear,etc.
11, High response, high precision control: gun tracking drive, the stability of the turret of vessel, anti swing, aircraft and missile attitude control devices, processing machines precision positioning system, industrial robot drive and control, sheet metal press,leather section thickness control, power generator of the speed control, high performance vibration table and test enginery, many degrees of freedom movement simulator and large entertainment facilities.
12, Various working procedures of automatic control and the combination of control: combination machine tools, mechanical processing automatic line etc.
13,Special working places: underground and underwater, explosion-proof and special circumstances in the assignments ans equipment.